Director of St. Xavier's College, Bareilly

Dear Parents & Well wishers Greetings !

While we keep changing and evolving, we know that we have steadfastly adhered to the values we hold dear. We fervently hope that we will be able to preserve our school as a centre for true learning where young people will be given a well-rounded and liberal education.

We believe that our work is to prepare our students for life. Every student should be able to succeed in anything that she wishes to do - anywhere in the world. Our work is also to see that contributing to society remains an integral part of her outlook.

We have exciting plans for what seems like every single sphere of school life - from sports to music and dance, from science and technology to art and craft and public speaking.

It is hard to believe that it has completed 25 years providing. Our ex- students are successfully placed and engaged happily in their professional and personal lives which is a great achievement. Our school is enriched by its association with organizations and institutions such as the Peaceful Schools International, ISFE, QCFI, ISFB, SPIC MACAY Etc

We remain grateful to our parents for their enthusiastic and generous support at all times. All in all we lead a happy and busy life at ST.XAVIERS shutting out the turmoil of the outside world for some hours everyday. It is not that we don't ponder on the troubles that the world is facing - our students and teachers are often engaged in serious discussions about current problems.

With best wishes

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