Welcome To St. Xavier's College, Bareilly

St. Xavier’s College campus is situated in Lal Phatak, Near Bareilly Cantt., Chanetha. The school has also provision for admission at Kailashpuram Colony, Delapeer, Bareilly. The vital importance of a pollution- free and peaceful environment had been kept in mind while setting up the college and planning the campus. Playing field, fun gyms, surrounded by verdant greenery, provide ample scope for recreational and extra-curricular activities.


The primary aim of the college is to impart to its students a sound moral education based on the principles and values inherent in the Indian tradition. The emphasis is on Indian culture and heritage, so as to develop character and mould future citizens of India. Efforts are made to : Help the students become mature, value – oriented citizens, Encourage them to continually strive for excellence Dispose them to value freedom and use it judiciously Teach them to be courageous and firm on principles Inspire them to be selfless while serving others Instill in them the drive and will to initiate social change.

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