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A Good Hostel can do wonders to the child

The concept of hostel was often received with lot of criticism – most of it unfounded on sound practical reasoning – but, increasing the mental block against putting one’s child in the hostel is giving away, thanks to the innovative concepts introduced by Saint Xavier’s College. A child in a hostel has been found to be more independent , confident and shoulder responsibilities & take decisions on their own. A day scholar is always at a risk of getting into bad habits, unwholesome entertainment,. Video/cable TV watching, smoking , drinking etc. after school hours due to lack of parental guidance. Whereas a child in Hostel is always under the direct supervision of teachers and warden without intruding the privacy. This remarkable foolproof effective methods in turn benefit the child immensely. A child in the hostel has all the facilities of laundry, cupboard, choice of veg/non-veg food, ayahs, games, noise & pollution free environment. A child’s development in terms of discipline, self confidence; personality, social respectable behavior , eating habits etc is seen within a few months of admission which the guardians can never miss to notice. This is possible because the guardian’s sensible decision to send their ward in a good school and hostel.

Facilities :
  • Balanced Diet
  • 24 Hours Electricity Back – up
  • Laundry Facilities
  • After School tution
  • Personality Development