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Computer Room :

There are computer rooms for each branch fully equipped with multimedia sets, educational Cds, with provision for hands on training.

Sports :

The college has spacious playgrounds and well maintained facilities for outdoor and indoor games, including cricket, football, volleyball and basketball, Organized P.T. Tae kwon Do practice is conducted by trained trainers.

Science Laboratories :

Three well – equipped Science laboratories, one each for physics, Chemistry and Biology, provide ample scope for students to obtain practical exposure.

Bus Facility :

The college has an arrangements with reputed transport contractors to provide bus service for students at a value based fee which will be lowest in Bareilly.

Library :

The college has a well stocked library to cater to subject interest of students of all classes.

Health :

All students undergo free health check up once in a year.

Music Curricular Activities :

Separate music and dance rooms cater to the students with the required inclination.

Extra Curricular Activities :

Emphasis is laid on extra – curricular activities for the round development of students, and to nurture their diverse talents. Music, Art & Craft, Photography, Dramatics, Public Speaking are some of the courses which are conducted regularly in the college campus and students are encouraged to participate.

Visual Aided Smart Classes:

Digitally equipped classrooms

Books Banks:

Books Banks in Classes to develop reading habits among students

Remedial Classes:

Extra classes for needed students if required