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Welcome to
St. Xavier's

St. Xavier's College was established
to impart its students a sound
based on the principles and values
inherent moral education ..

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Chairman’s message
Great idea for our school

Mr. S Chandra

we prefer not to toil for the momentary pleasure rather we strive hard for permanent treasure. We do not feed the students with mere facts and knowledge instead; we motivate our students to be the source of knowledge themselves. It has been possible by team of our staff who mould themselves first, before they mould the students. They demonstrate what they teach and they live what they professe....

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St.Xavier's College provides a number of facilities:

  • computer classes
  • sports facility
  • Hostel facility
  • Bus Facility
  • Library
  • Visual Aided Smart Classes

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Parents seeking admission for their wards should obtain prospectus and an application form for registration. Application for registration must be accompanied of the birth by :

  • A photograph of birth certificate from municipality or notified area committee or office of birth.
  • Transfer certificate from previous school.
  • Latest progress report card of the student.
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    Dear Parents & Well wishers
    Greetings !

    While we keep changing and evolving, we know that we have steadfastly adhered to the values we hold dear. We fervently hope that we will be able to preserve our school as a centre for true learning where young people will be given a well-rounded and liberal education

    We believe that our work is to prepare our students for life. Every student should be able to succeed in anything that she wishes to do - anywhere in the world. Our work is also to see that contributing to society remains an integral part of her outlook.

    We have exciting plans for what seems like every single sphere of school life - from sports to music and dance, from science and technology to art and craft and public speaking.

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